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My story... - Survivors of Ectopic Pregnancy [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Survivors of Ectopic Pregnancy

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My story... [Mar. 24th, 2006|08:08 pm]
Survivors of Ectopic Pregnancy


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Here's hopefully not too long an account of my story...
I became pregnant in June 2005, our first baby. I had cramping, slight bleeding and shoulder pain pretty much from two weeks onwards, although when I went to see my GP about it, he put it down to indigestion and the usual twinges some women get in early pregnancy. I didn't realise I had all the classic symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy.

A few days after I saw my GP I had to be rushed to A&E at my local hospital, the pain was immense and the bleeding was getting heavier. Because I went to hospital on a weekend, I had to wait until Monday for them to scan me and diagnose what the problem was!! They wouldn't give me painkillers because I was pregnant. I can't tell you how angry I was.

On Monday morning they took me to have a scan where they saw it was an ectopic pregnancy, it was awful. That afternoon I was taken into theatre where I had my baby and my left fallopian tube removed. The operation apparently should have taken under an hour, but due to 'complications' I was in theatre for four hours. I lost a lot of blood and had breathing difficulties under anaesthetic. Trust me to make things complicated!

A week later they let me go home where I stayed for three weeks before going back to full time work. I discovered the Ectopic Pregnancy Trust (www.ectopic.org) who were fantastic. I had little information or support from the hospital, the the EPT answered all my questions and were there when I needed reassurance. I am now working as a volunteer for them in my spare time.

I'm not over the loss of my baby, I still cry about it, I still miss him, I still grieve. On my would-have-been due date we went to one of our favourite spots on the coast and laid some flowers.

Since Christmas we have been TTC again, but no baby yet :(
It's difficult to comes to terms with because last time it happened without us even having to try all that hard, it was almost instant! Now we have been trying for nearly four months and still nothing. It makes you wonder if it will ever happen! But we have everything (except my legs!!) crossed.

[User Picture]From: sakkies
2006-03-24 08:40 pm (UTC)
Hi Shelby. So Sorry about your loss. Your story sounds similar to alot I've heard. I remember thinking to myself while reading "what to expect, when your expecting" that eptopic pregnacies were 3% of women, not something I need to worry about. Boy was I wrong :P On my due date, I said a little prayer and spend most of the day in gloom. I hit my year mark in November and each day it gets better. You still have those moments where all you think about is my child wouldve been X months old. Stay strong and I hope you concieve again soon.
Take Care,
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[User Picture]From: shelator
2006-04-08 02:56 pm (UTC)
Thanks Summer. I'm sorry to hear of your loss.
It helps when you know that others feel the same emotions and have been through it too.
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