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Survivors of Ectopic Pregnancy

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The community is for those who lost have gone through a ectopic pregnancy or a tubal pregnancy. A place for questions, stories, support and much more. Also this is a place of healing, please do not troll this community.


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Please feel free to join :)

What is ectopic/tubal pregancy
Normally, at the beginning of a pregnancy, the fertilized egg travels from the fallopian tube to the uterus, where it implants and grows. In nearly 2% of diagnosed pregnancies, however, the fertilized egg attaches to an area outside of the uterus, resulting in an ectopic pregnancy (also known as tubal pregnancy or extrauterine pregnancy).1

Nearly all ectopic pregnancies develop in a fallopian tube; the remainder occur in an ovary, the cervix, or the abdomen.2 Generally none of these areas are capable of holding or sustaining a growing fetus.